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I’m a self-confessed ,social media obsessed, ether existing being. I share streams of thoughts, feelings, videos and images across a multitude of platforms. I perform, I create and I confess. I’m a woman who always has something to share.

So why, when someone said write a blog post, did I freeze?

On Twitter I’m restricted to sharing quippy reflections about my depressing life within the confines of 140 characters, it’s a challenge and figuring out what letters to delete and using ‘1’s instead of ‘ones’ is a skilful art form that only comes with practice.
Instagram’s easy for me, a visual diary. I say things easier by not saying them. The daydreaming observer has a place to put their daydream observations.
Tumblr is a place where I can shout about being GAY and share gay poetry. So that’s pretty neat.

But this blog, NOPE. Mind blank. I’ve never had a single thought in my entire life, I have nothing to say.  Too much empty space, too much pressure, too much, too much, too much.

It’s okay, you can carry on reading now… my existential crisis is over. I don’t want my blog and my portfolio to be stiff and academic, I want my blog to reflect me, my work and how I live and breathe in digital spaces. Lisa really got me thinking in our last class, where we discussed tone and writing styles online. This stuff interests me, our social media presence is in essence something we have created, I am different online to how i am IRL and I want to explore this more.

thanks for sticking with this. lol. bye

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