Initial Development: Mood Board & Themes


Mood Board

Idea 1

helen moodboard

Following the assignment brief I began to visualise ideas, characters and narrative.

Knowing my theme for propaganda, I experimented with ways I could bring it to life and convey the message clearly to the view within an entertaining narratives, I experimented with several ideas before settling on one I was happy with.

Idea 2

moodboard 2.jpg

Theme for Storyboard

Existing with Anxiety.

What would that look like visually? How could that be represented?

For my propaganda them I’ve decided to portray what it feels like to exist with an anxiety disorder, specifically from the perspective as a young woman in today’s world. The majority of people acknowledge mental illness is real, but a huge stigma still remains. People who suffer with mental health issues are expected to function or adapt to function in everyday life and activities, with little knowledge or even care of how they might do this. Within my animation I hope to shed some light on what that feels like.

Drawing from my everyday life I have decided to centre my narrative around my protagonist commuting, a simple routine that can actually be a nightmarish experience when you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Think, overwhelming sensory overload, surrounded by people and an atmosphere that has no regard for personal space and a space that is predominantly occupied by men. Because of this I’ve chosen men in suits, an symbol of the commute, to represent the antagonist in my piece, they are the visible cause of what is inducing the anxiety.

All these little fears have built themselves on the foundation of already existing and always-present anxiety, so even the thought of taking public transit can sometimes still make my stomach turn.

(excerpt from Shailee Koranne speaking about dealing with an anxiety disorder on public transport)


A short animation depicting life with anxiety here represented by a blue crocodile. The creator has taken a humorous approach and the crocodile actually seems quite sweet (albeit annoying). A physical representation of anxiety works well because it is a largely invisible illness. Taking inspiration from this cartoon I hope to convey the feeling of anxiety by having a physical representation of this feeling to successfully convey my propaganda theme.

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