Observations For Storyboard

Thinking about how I want my storyboard and animation to look, I took a few photos to document people using their phones and how they exist in commuting spaces. Most people are using phones, reading papers etc. From my observations and experiences in these spaces they are normally populated by commuters, predominantly men in suits. This environment can sometimes be a lot to deal with as someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, you can see from these photos the lack of space. Often men in these spaces take up more room physically, or feel that they are more entitled to room for whatever reason.



Drawing from these visual inspirations I will begin drafting my storyboard.

I am confident that using ambiguous men in suits to represent the antagonist in my narrative helps deliver my story from a feminist perspective. I don’t think men are aware of the space they take up, and realise what it still feels like to exist as a woman in these spaces.

https://www.theguardian.com/cities/gallery/2017/jun/08/manspreading-in-pictures    (link to article detailing the problem of men taking up excessively space in public spaces!)

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