Audio For Animation


With my animation I wanted to include my own audio recordings by recording foley noises to enhance and add to the atmosphere of the cartoon, I wanted to avoid just using a music track as I believed this would detract from some of the scenes I created.

I started by making recordings from my iPhone, gathering sounds I thought would be good for my animation. This included ambient noises of trains travelling, people talking and other such noises. Upon reflection and listening back to them, I realised I would not have enough variety to effectively communicate the message of my animation. To improve I sourced free audio files from free , shareable online sources:
Some of the audio files needing trimming and editing, I did this in post production in Premiere Pro, using the clip tool and pen tool to edit the audio to fit in with scene cuts and transitions.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.42.18

Overall I think the audio works well with my animation but the quality could have been improved, I think if I used higher quality equipment I would have more succinct and clear audio files but it was an interesting and fun experience collecting sounds for the project.

Adjusting Audio with Key Frames


There are certain scenes in my animation that require enhanced audio as the character experiences noise overload, I need to pair the audio with the emotion depicted on the characters face.
To do this I needed to adjust the audio key frames as demonstrated in to us in class. Adding keyframes allowed me to drag the volume up and down to correspond with the animation scene.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 13.24.16

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