Developing & Digitalising Characters


Once happy with the design of my character I began to stylise what my character will look like on screen, from different angles and in different lighting conditions. To do this I used the render, lighting tool in Photoshop. I experimented with both spot lighting and infinite light source and chose the latter as it gave more dimension the character and more controllable than spot light.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 14.18.52

I used colour picker to pick the basic colour palette for my character, you’ll notice they’re very subdued and organic colours.


When it came to developing Man in Suit, I wondered if he would look more effective as one block colour or to be made in a similar way to the protagonist. I settle on another collage effect but with newspaper clippings. I landed on this as I felt it was a reflection on the type of people who get the train and exhibit selfish behaviours, they dress in suits, all have an iPhone in hand and are always reading a newspaper. I wanted it to reflect their position in society, and how the protagonist see’s them through her eyes. I chose specific headlines from recent newspapers, scanned them into photoshop and composed my character using the cut out, lasso and clone tools in the process.


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