Developing Protagonist: Character Sheets


I began by sketching out some initial visualisations of how I wanted my protagonist to look. I knew I wanted my cartoon to look interesting and dynamic so the collage was an idea I was really eager to incorporate very earlier on in my designs. I used Photoshop to create the collage effect using my own selfies, I liked the concept of interjecting a bit of reality into the animation as it’s based on some of my own experiences.


After the initial drawings, I began to experiment with style and improving the expressions as I was not satisfied with the original face. I needed my audience to emphasise with the protagonist so I focused on created expressive emotions, to convey  the narrative.


I created this character sheet to display and reference all the emotions and sequences I might need in my animation sequence. I would scan these all in and create digital versions of these sketches ready to be animated.


As I require my protagonist to move in the animation I created sheets and references to map out how walk cycles would look. These drawings helped me map out how I will be bringing my character to life in the animation, and serve as an excellent reference tool to develop my character.

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