Editing in Premiere Pro

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.37.17

After completing the animations in After Effects and exporting them, I used Premiere Pro to edit all the components together.

I put the scenes together in an order that followed my initial storyboard but i made a few minor alterations to create a more effective way to portray the narration and sequence of events. I trimmed any clips that needed it with the razor blade tool as demonstrated in tutorials, this was specifically useful when I cut a close up reaction shot in half so i could use it twice in the animation.

I added transitions between scenes, like ‘dip from black’ this helped bring the scenes together. I added titles and credits and applied the same transitional effects to match. Editing was an important step in the process, although I wish I had spent a longer time in premiere, within the given time restraints I was happy with the result.

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