Know How To Follow an Agreed Schedule (3.1)

Shoot Diary

Reccie Feedback & Evaluation

I carried out my first reccie shots as scheduled, although I was happy with the outcome of the shoots, I did encounter some issues. On one occasion, there was travel disruption and partial rail closure on some of the tube lines essential to getting to my locations. This delayed the start of the shoot and meant I did not get to all the locations I needed with the allocated hours as the light was fading. This shows me that I need to start as early as possible to ensure I have enough time to get all the images I need during daylight hours.
I undertook the location scouting alone and noted that some of the locations were in busy streets and I found it difficult knowing where to put my bags and equipment while trying to shoot. I will take an assistant with me where necessary on the shoot dates as I will have additional equipment (tripod etc).
Reviewing the images, I selected the shots and locations I thought were successful and adhered to the brief criteria, I marked these with a red star as I intended to return to these areas during the shoot. Selecting the locations I thought made interesting subject matter will help maximise time efficiency in order to make sure the brief is completed on time.

It was important that I did this reccie because it allowed me to familiarise myself with the locations and route and plan how best to utilise my time for the next shoot. Upon visiting some of the locations, I realised that they lacked any real interest point, and therefore I was able to eliminate them from my list of locations to visit and photograph.
Planning the dates of my location scouting but leaving enough time for flexibility turned out to be very important as we experienced snow and other adverse weather conditions when my first two dates were scheduled, however I was able to change the date in order to complete it.

Shoot Notes

During the initial reccie and location scouting I made sure to note down how long it took me to travel between locations to allow better time management during my final shoot. With the amount of locations I had to cover in the limited time frame it was important that I made extensive notes about what to photograph, where I needed to be to capture a location in the best light.

I noted significant points of interest, a crumpled pride flag, a sign reading ‘ALL GONE’ next to a venue, I wanted to return to this during my shoot even though I had not previously scheduled these locations. Similarly I found walking around the surrounding location I had scheduled to shoot turned out to be fruitful as I found interesting details to shoot that I otherwise would have missed. Going forward into the final shoot I will plan to spend more time at each location to give myself time to do this.


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