Writing a Proposal (AC1.2)

Aim of Proposal and Audience

Produce a 5 min short experimental documentary revealing what it means to exist day to day with a mental illness, focused on a young woman and her relationship with her bed. The film will visually explore how living mood and anxiety disorder might feel, and what it might look like.

The intention of the film is to inform audiences, to help those who do not experience mental illness understand the reality of living with it and reach out to those who already do. I have long been interested in how mental health is depicted on screen, and do not think conventional narratives are the only way to tell stories in cinema. I hope to create a visually lush, sensuous yet intimate and revealing insight on how symptoms can affect an individual

As the plot centres around a young woman in her twenties, the intended audience will be women in the age bracket of 15-25, there will be no nudity or graphic scenes. Similarly, because of the white female protagonist, the film will be most accessible to a Western audience, probably of working-middle class, those who struggle with mental health and might not have access to mental health services. The film features social media, therefore will appeal to younger audiences and would be best accessible to those who frequently use those technologies.

Style: Location, Narration, Soundtrack

Locations will be most comprised from interior bedroom/ home shots as I want it to feel intimate and personal. A few exterior shots will show people interacting in the everyday world when or if, it’s appropriate to the narration.

The narration and soundtrack will be a series of messages left on voicemail, a girl makes multiple excuses not to attend commitments, talks about feeling tired and being overwhelmed. The voice messages will sometimes play in full length, sometimes overlapping and sometimes cut short abruptly. My intention is to convey the realities of living with a mental health problem in the present day, where our communications are largely digital. Some of the recordings being disjointed emphasise the overwhelming sensation of the difficulties of living with mood disorders or anxieties.

Equipment, Crew, Budget

The budget is estimated to be around £4000 to shoot and produce, due to the limited number of locations and a lack of need of a lot of equipment.
I will require an SLR digital camera, a tripod, a microphone for the voice over, several lights and a handful of props to dress the set. I will need a small crew of two or three people. When shooting there will likely be more than three people on set, the cast, the cameraperson and an assistant.

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