Shoot a Project That Adheres to the Brief (4.1, 4.3)


Shoot Day 1

I completed my first shoot date on time as scheduled, I kept an eye on the forecast all week and luckily good weather coincided with my shoot date. I set off with a revised earlier time due to discovering I needed longer shooting hours during my reccie, due to an early sunset. Having already narrowed down my locations even further and already given the travel route a trial run, it made getting between shooting locations easier and quicker allowing me more time during the day.

I highlighted the photos I believe best adhere to my brief, I wanted to photograph the locations of where notable lesbian spaces once occupied, one of which was a gentleman’s club which I thought very ironic. I wanted to capture how much the area of Soho has been gentrified, most of the bars which were once dedicated to LGBTQ spaces are now expensive, upmarket bars with inaccessible prices. LGBTQ culture is still visible but only traces remain, a pride flag in a window etc. Some locations of what were once lesbian bars had no visible traces left.
As outlined before, I shot on aperture priority mode so I could easily control the depth of field in my photos without having to keep changing settings with the altering weather. I predominantly shot in cloudy mode as although it was a sunny day, the sun was low, weak and often hidden by buildings meaning I hardly ever shot in direct sunlight. I primarily shot between f8  and f16  and kept my focal length between 30mm -55mm, being careful not to shoot too widely to avoid distortion.

Part of my brief was to achieve a series of photos, taken front facing of bars/shops that previously were a lesbian space, I believe I fulfilled this during this shoot day.


Shoot Day 2

During my reccie I knew I would need an assistant for this part of the shoot, I was planning to shoot in low lighting and required the use of a tripod. My shoot coincided with busy half term which made travelling around more complicated and I’m glad I had help as I was able to access my equipment quicker and transport it easier around densely populated areas.
With hindsight and if I could reshoot I would definitely schedule a shoot like this outside of a time when a location’s densely populated by tourists. As I was shooting predominantly in and around Soho, a busy tourist attraction, I found setting up the shots I had previously planned and anticipated during my reccie, a challenge. Shots took longer to get as set up would take longer and waiting for tourists and traffic to clear for certain shots. In my contact sheet it is obvious where I struggled with these challenges, for one particular location I was very dissatisfied with the shot I got as it did not reflect what I had planned during my reccie.

My brief required reportage style shots that portrayed the decline of LGBT dedicated spaces, so I concentrated on achieving these shots during this shoot as I scheduled a longer time at locations to find interesting details to shot. I thought the shots with the slightly weather torn flags achieved this. I would have like more of a variety of these, perhaps one more location would have fulfilled this.

Evening Shoot

During this shoot date I predominantly used shutter priority mode as I was shooting in low lighting. I wanted to have creative control over how lights looked in photos, as I had a very specific style I wanted to create as visualised in my mood board. Where I could I employed the use of a tripod to stabilise my images and prevent camera shake, but due to the large crowds, this was not always possible. If I could reshoot I would repeat the evening shots, to give me more time to get the perfect shots but such is street photography, full of complications and difficult shooting conditions.


Shoot Day 3

My final shoot had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstance, which I was very disappointed about. However, I planned my third date as an extra chance to revisit some of the locations to give myself as many options to fulfil my brief. I managed to cover all the locations I needed to during the first two dates, but it would have been preferable if I had managed to complete all three as scheduled. This highlights the importance of a well thought out and structured schedule to ensure the brief is fulfilled and account for any eventualities that might occur and prevent meeting the clients requirement.

Editing & Selection for Client

Having completed my shoot days bar one on schedule it left me enough time to edit the photos and send a narrowed down selection of photos to my hypothetical clients. It’s important to send a healthy edit to clients, it allows the client to see a selection of your strongest images and select which they want. I would send a suggestion of the images I think would best work together as a series but would want my client to feel like they have a choice, once they select the images they like it gave me enough time to tweak the final images before preparing them for print.


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