Present The Project in an Appropriate Form (4.2)

Final Selection

As scheduled and having met my first deadline to send a selection of low res copies, I have a final selection of images that fulfil the briefs potential.Final Images Contact

I believe the final selection fulfils the brief as the client hypothetically needed photos of locations where lesbian bars used to be and what exists in there place now, and a variety of reportage photos showing a decrease in LGBT visibility and the effects of gentrification in Soho, a previously queer-centric area.

I then prepared the images for print and web as the client would require, and the images prepared at the appropriate file sizes and resolution. Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 16.43.04

I also prepared the images as a Slideshow to deliver a presentation to class, all completed on time for my final presentation:

Click to download ‘Lost Lesbians of London’ presentation

As I really enjoyed this brief and module I created collages with found images to portray the changing landscape of lesbian visibility and LGBT culture in London throughout the 20th – 21st century. Using InDesign I created a mock magazine spread that hopefully tells a narrative of lesbian history in London.

Lost Lesbians of London Pages



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