Analyse The Requirements of The Task (1.1)

We have been tasked with writing an essay exploring how visual effects and animation has changed and aided the development of films.

After a discussion with my tutor, and based upon my interest in the Sci-Fi genre, I will  examine the development of visual effects in Sci-Film films and specifically within the Alien Franchise.

My tutor has advised me to research the influence of Ray Harryhausen and how he revolutionised visual effects and animation. I will examine how the development of special effects has effected the production of each Alien movie from 1979 – 2017, and how we have seen a move from more visceral effects to CGI.

Image result for alien 1979

When researching I will look at the development of special effects in science fiction films such as Blade Runner, Tron, 2001 Space Odyssey. To conduct my research I will use a variety of sources, such as books borrowed from the library as suggested by my tutor, magazine articles and online sources.

Initial notes from discussion with my tutor

The title for my essay will be:

How Did The Development of CGI and Special Effects Impact The Alien Franchise?

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