Permissions + Legal/ Ethical Considerations

In film, all productions need ‘Public Liability Insurance’ in order to carry out filming and obtain permissions to shoot on locations. Ideally all this research and paperwork is carried out during Pre-Production.
AppearanceAn appearance release obtains someone’s permission and consent to use their image in your production, ensuring that your film is ethical and not breaking any laws. The appearance release also prevents the person depicted in your film from trying to pursue more money from the production than has been agreed upon.
Pictured left is an appearance release form that I will have my cast member sign before shooting.

Location Release



A location release is important as buildings are under the Copyright act, meaning you must obtain permission from the owner of the location before shooting in it. A location release obtains this permission in writing and outlines important production information information; dates of shooting, type of shooting, how many crew, what parts of the building will be shown.







Below are the completed forms obtained before I began shooting my film. I redacted the confidential information for the purpose of identity protection.

Now I have obtained the right permissions and documented these agreements in legally binding and protective paperwork I can begin to shoot my film.

Legal & Ethical Considerations

There are no major legal or ethical concerns that I need to be worried about during this production, having obtained my permission forms and location release.
As the subject matter is fairly sensitive, I’ll make sure my actor is as comfortable as possible, ensuring breaks whenever possible or needed and prioritising my actor and crew’s wellbeing. It is important I create and maintain a comfortable and safe work place.


I believe the process of creating these forms was supported by the previous Professional Photographic Practice unit I have just completed, I was already practiced in creating forms and completing them in an efficient and timely manner.

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