Implied Meaning Of The Source

Analysing the Implied Meaning of Source 2.

Faber. (2007). Compositions, The Music of Gustav Holts. Available: Last accessed 24th Apr 2018.

The online article, ‘Compositions, The Music of Gustav Holts’, can be found on the website (Gustav Holst Info). The website cites itself as an online resource for information on Gustav Holst, including biographies, journals, compositions and bibliographies all available to it’s audience. From this we can assume the website and subsequently the source were published with the intent on educating audiences about Gustav Holst’s work. In the text, ‘The Music of Gustav Holst’ it explains that ‘Holst was undoubtedly going through a period similar to a midlife crisis’, language such as ‘undoubtedly’ implies the author of the piece knows Holst’s history well, evidence that the source is both reliable and informed. The tone of the text is predominantly formal, with each paragraph unpacking the creation and influences of ‘The Planets’, it can be assumed the author wanted to provide an accurate account for its audience. As the website was created with the specific purpose as a resource for Holst, the source is more likely to be a favourable portrayal of his life and his works. When the source says ‘In fact, some have called this movement the most devastating piece of music ever written!’, this may have been purposefully included to highlight the emotional impact of the song, and  certainly a favourable review. The text is often written as fact; ‘in fact, after writing the piece, he swore off his belief in astrology’ and ‘he hated its popularity’, so the audience must assume that the author and the website are a credible authority on Holst when reading the text.

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