Major Project Proposal

Title: #Mood

What Are You Going To Do:
I propose a brief  that will be the beginning of a series of photos focusing on either a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, or OCD. I would shadow my subject through their daily routines and attempt to photograph an accurate portrait of someone living with a mental health problem, and for this assignment I would focus on mood disorders. Mood disorders can manifest itself in many different ways, from physical and psychological symptoms, to affecting how that person interacts with domestic spaces, outside in public and how they communicate with other people. I would sincerely love to produce a set of intimate images that documented a realistic portrayal of the complications and unique experiences living with a mood disorder may bring.

Why Do You Want To Do It?: Living with a mood disorder myself I know the extent of how much it can effect day to day living and alter your perception of reality. It’s a subject matter close to my heart, mental health is something I am committed to representing and continuing to develop my understanding of through my work.

How Will You Do It?: I wanted to do this project before but didn’t have the time to have intimate access needed to capture these moments, however circumstances have changed and I have now have access and permission to shoot someone who is comfortable in letting me into their space to complete this project. I will mainly be working with natural or indoor lighting as I want to capture portraits of my subject in their personal, domestic space. I will work with what I have and use a reflector where necessary. I am currently co-existing alongside this person for half my week so I will able to plan my shoots extensively as I will know the locations very well.

What/who are your influences?: –  I looked at other artists who had tackled similar subjects in their work for inspiration. Melissa Spitz is a big influence, she is known for photographing her mother who suffers from an identity disorder, the photos are raw, honest and aesthetically bold. I also love the work of Juno Calypso, a photographer who uses locations beautifully to fit the narrative of her image. Other influences of mine include Nan Goldin, Maisie Cousins, Agnes Varda, Robert Mappelthorpe etc

When: – Beginning the week of May 21st I will begin photographing my subject every Weds, Thurs and Friday of each week until the deadline. Some photos may be a staged, some might be spontaneous and observational. I cannot complete this project in one day or one shoot, it requires patience, sensitivity and communication with my subject, I want the pictures to be the least invasive as possible. I will edit my photos at the weekend and pick the best for the deadline.

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