Location Portraiture Major Practice (2.3, 4.1)

Using Lightroom I imported my original RAW files onto my hard drive and created a contact sheet, in a professional setting contact sheets help organise photos and allow you to select the best photos and communicate with a client.
I applied post production on a select few images using Photoshop to copies of the RAW files, adjusting the exposure (+1.5) where it was needed in some of the slightly darker shots. I shot on a quicker shutter speed than what was needed on some of the images where I was shooting handheld rather than using a tripod, I made this decision to risk too much blur and knew I could adjust later in post.

Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet 1Contact Sheet 2Contact Sheet 3Contact Sheet 4Contact Sheet 5

Final Selection

After editing a selection of my most successful images from the shoot, I made another contact sheet in Lightroom – which I would then send to a client. I marked the images I will be using as my final eight images.

For the purpose of the presentation I exported the images as high res JPEGS as I would be loading them onto the blogs. They needed to be high quality but not take up too much space to prevent lagging in loading times.

Final Images


“I feel disconnect in the constant stream of connection”

untitled shoot-158.jpg

untitled shoot-173

” I work through my moods publicly, in this digital space. A hashtag for every mood “


untitled shoot-190

Location Portrait-074.jpg

“I post the highs and I post the lows. I post it all”


Location Portrait-086Location Portrait-087

“I posted my breakdown and it got more than 100 likes”


emily 4

Emily 2

“And yet, I still feel a disconnect
in this constant stream of connection”


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