First Activity

Beginning our Web Design and Creation unit, we were first tasked to list the purposes of website, and define what websites are for by listing all the purposes we could think of.

What is a website for?

  • For businesses
  • Turn visitors into prospective customers
  • Information (sites like Wiki)
  • Advertise
  • To build and engage with a targeted audience
  • Show case work (A photographic portfolio)
  • Social media
  • Entertainment (Youtube / Netflix)
  • Education/ schools/ universities (school portals)
  • Charities/ non profit organisations/ activists
  • Data collection (online surveys)
  • Online banking
  • Maps, GPS/ navigation
  • Retail/ shopping
  • Searching information (Google)
  • Blogging
  • Instant communication (Video, Skype)
  • Forums
  • Gambling
  • Online gaming


Websites are designed for specific purposes, and have certain functions e.g. some are designed to make financial transactions, some are created to collect data. Usually websites are designed to target specific audiences, and this is reflected in the site’s style, language and user- interfaces. We were asked to list five websites that serve different purposes and analyse what audience they might be targeting.

Girls In Film

–  This is a site that showcases the creative work of women, it’s used by a collective to advertise the work they produce. They also share information by the way of social media and blog posts. The website is image heavy, designed to stimulate an audience with an interest in video and film (fellow creators, prospective clients etc). The layout is designed to attract a female-identfied audience with it’s chosen aesthetics. The layout is simple and easy to use, which suggests they are trying to reach an audience who uses smartphones a lot with its responsive design.

– Coutt’s website serves as online bank, allowing its users to management their money, making and receiving transactions. Its colour palette (browns, blacks, greys) and the fonts (sans serif, capital) and images used (ties, suits, notepads) suggest their targeted users are professionals, who likely have wealth. The simple, graphic layout serves to be functional, attracting an audience perhaps in an older age bracket.

An online marketplaces where there users can resell their clothes and other items. The site is coded specifically that it allows people to make online purchases and buy goods. It’s target audience is young people, using bright bold fonts, images used are from social media, and the advert placed to the top of their site is for their app, again suggesting that their audience will be engaging their services through a smartphone.

The Financial Times, serves to be an online news source with an emphasis on business and economic news. Its design incorporates serif fonts, and a muted colour palette targeting an older audience, who are likely business professional or investors. Its content includes a variety of articles, images and videos designed to perhaps keep an audience engaged with the site for a longer time.

An online gambling site, Ladbrokes offers betting services and pushes users to engage and subscribe to its services. They attract the audience with bright colours and lots of calls to action to ‘Join’. The imagery used (images of sports, men and hyper feminised women) could suggest their targeted young men to use their services.


Domain Names; What Are They For and Why Are They Important?

Domain names are an integral part of websites and if used correctly a key part of its success.

They are important in defining:

  • A website’s identity
  • Search-ability
  • What the site’s about.

A domain name is chosen depending on the purpose of the site, and can be a number of words or numbers.


Domain name extensions are a suffix that appears at the end of the address, that include:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .cz
  • .uk
  • .gr

What appears at the end depends on website purpose and place.

These choices are made during the purchase and registration process. Multiple extensions can be bought for the same domain name, this is called domain forwarding where all extensions will point to the same site.


Sites cannot exist without hosting, and there are several options available. Websites like WordPress and Wix offer free hosting, this is where you can use another companies servers, and not have to worry about setting up your own.
Most hosting services use mirror  servers, where there will be two servers in two different locations, this prevents website from crashing or data being lost.



We were tasked to come up with suitable domain names for our portfolios and compare suitability and price

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 21.44.17Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 21.45.06

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