3.1. Demonstrate active listening, openness, respect for others and the ability to share own ideas in a group work situation.

During our Speaking & Listening unit we ran group discussions to reflect on each student’s presentation and engage in a debate relating to their subject manner.
This required us to actively listen to each presentation in turn, make notes and think of questions to ask.

Below I have included some of the notes I made during my peers presentations, making sure to note down important details and any questions that it inspired. I think the group discussions ran smoothly, but definitely improved over time as it allowed us to become more comfortable with sharing ideas. I think we all gave each other space to express our ideas and opinions and was a respectful environment. I really enjoyed leading the discussion after my own presentation, and hearing feedback from my peers. Not only did it improve confidence in my own ability, I received insightful commentary about some of the points I made during my presentation that may have not occurred to me before, this shows just how important it is to share and engage in group work.


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